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17 Best Bars In East Village You Can Not Miss

best bars east village

best bars east village

Assuming you have at any point strolled through the East Village, you are probably mindful of the silly number of bars that place has. Here and there, we feel like the East Village should begin a bar migration noble cause, for neighborhoods needing a great drinking foundation. Throw a few there, hose random places on First Avenue up to Midtown East! We are certain they would love to have you.

Until that occurs, there are a ton of East Village bars to figure out. Regardless of whether you are searching for a calm wine bar, a spot to play darts, a spot to drink specialty brew, or a spot to get squandered, we take care of you. Here are our favorite bars in East Village to visit, just refreshed with some more bars.

East Village Bars NYC

1. Mace

Perfect For – Date Night

Savoring the East Village can be somewhat extreme and this is among the best bars East Village. There are swarms, school kids, very renowned spots you can never get into, and an especially unique blend of trash scents and rodents. However, as Mace is on Avenue C, and is a beautifully designed temple of mixed drinks, it feels distant and peculiarly calm. At busy times, it is crowded with edified people, who will apologize to you for getting liquor spilled onto.

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 5 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try– Clove and cocao, Crispy Calamari + Anchovies, Three Piece Shrimp Cocktail, and Baja Style Fish Tacos.

2. Mona’s

Somewhere down in Alphabet City is Mona’s, a little bar where you can stow away from the world and hear unrecorded music like jazz, and at times country. It is a decent, divey spot to be aware of when you want a relaxing beverage, hence, Mona’s is probably the utmost loved East Village bars New York!

Timings – Monday To Sunday – 3 pm to 4 am 

Must-Try – Guinness, Disaronno Sour and Shot of Bourbon, White Wine By The Glass, Distilled Bourbon, and White Wine.

3. The Garret

Perfect For – Game Date

The Garret East is hanging tight for you if you need a bar where not only drinks, but there is also heaps of activities to do! Dissimilar to the first West Village Garret, this spot has huge loads of room – a major bar region, stalls, and a back region canvassed in couches – and it typically feels like a party. Your next Saturday night’s final spot: discovered. Visit The Garret for cheap drinks East Village!

Timings – Monday to Saturday – 5 pm to 3 am 

Must-Try – The Spicy Dead Lady, The Snappy Murph, Cranberry Kisses, Monopolio Negra, Clara, Topo Chico, Mexican Coke, Assorted Jarittos, and Micheladas.

4. (Please Don’t Tell)

Perfect For – Date Night

A great deal of bars case to be “speakeasies.” And while not all of them warrant that title – Please Don’t Tell is comparably the closest as you can get to encounter the genuine article. You enter not right through the frank shop Crif Dogs, yet through a vintage telephone stall inside Crif Dogs.

And that implies that once inside, alongside the incredible mixed drinks, you can likewise partake in a hotdog (or a couple).  The space is little – accompany a date you are attempting to impress and reserve a spot in advance if possible. If you want to experience the East Village nightlife, and wish to impress outstation people, visit Please Don’t Tell!

Timings – Monday to Sunday –  6 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try – cocktails, waffle fries, Wylie Dog, Bacon Cheeseburger, Torres Tots, Chan Dog, and Hummer.

5. Lovers Of Today

Perfect For – Game Date

Storm cellar bars frequently smell of feet as well as sweat. However, Not Lovers of Today. It is a little mixed drink bar subterranean that is ideal for a calm date. At end of the week, it gets more occupied, yet some way or another this spot has remained genuinely under the radar. Recall this place the following time that somebody proposes mixed drinks at some speakeasy, yet you do not wish to wait an hour for getting loose!

Timings – Monday To Sunday – 5 pm to 4 am 

Must-Try – Satellite of Love, Hong Kong Garden, Rumble, Teenage Kicks, and Waterloo Sunset.

6. The Scratcher

There are a few common circumstances wherein you may end up at Scratcher. However, it is not the place for which you would make a special effort, and it is most certainly never going to be your last Saturday night location unlike The Garret– however, it is an incredible bar for a serene beverage or two. Since you have been finding the best bars East Village, you must consider this.

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 4 am 

Must-Try – Allagash White and Stella Artois, Shacksbury dry cider, Downeast Cider (Winter Blend or Donut), Tea/Coffee, Hot Pot, and The James Joyce. 

7. Maiden Lane

Perfect For – Light bite and day drinking

In an array of mixed drinks and dive bars, it is often to find an ordinary bar, which is in the middle. A bar where you can get a lager/shot combo or a mixed drink that will not be undeniably costly and include “shrubs”, where the setting is great without feeling excessively extravagant, and where you could simply have a first date as companions hang. 

Maiden Lane is one of these spots – an ordinary bar, done all around well. The surprisingly better news? They serve strong fish and crabs, which taste even better when woozy! This is a no drinks East Village kind of bar, with an exotic menu for its customers to choose from.

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 4 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try – Baby Romaine, Endive, Nicoise Salad, Smoked Salmon, Boiled Shrimp Po’Boy, Open-Faced Whitefish, and other tin foods.

8. Goodnight Sonny

The Wayland has been our long-lasting go-to for extraordinary beverages, great food, and a scene that can be anyplace offering Chic or gangster vibes. Goodnight Sonny is the more up-to-date spot opened by similar individuals and satisfies the norms set by that foundation. In any case, while The Wayland is far, far away, Goodnight Sonny is on a prime first Avenue corner. Flexibility, quick accommodation, and a little hotness is an extreme blend to beat. This bar’s happy hour East Village lasts from 4-7 pm every day of the week. 

Timings – Tuesday to Sunday – 4 pm to 12 am 

Must-Try – Doug’s Little Neck Clams, Oysters, Dirty Martini, Margaritas, Budweiser, Down East, Red, White, Rose, and Sparkling Wine.

9. Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Holiday Cocktail Lounge has been around essentially forever. After shutting for some time, the exemplary dive bar was as of late re-opened for services, and presently makes very genuine mixed drinks as well as some delectable bar chomps. Notwithstanding the mixology thing, this spot has a dull, exemplary feel, and is a go-to for many. 

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 4 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try – Lion’s Tail – Joe, Sazerac – Barbara, and Old Fashioned – Michael.

10. Pouring Ribbons

Pouring Ribbons is a speakeasy that does not feel like a speakeasy, typically because there is room to breathe here, and the waiters are not dressed in monocles or suspenders. It is located on the second floor over an alcohol store on Avenue B, and gratitude to that profound East Village area, it is likewise not even close as rammed as Death and Co. Come out on the town when you need amazing mixed drinks, and need to hear about each other’s lives. The pouring Ribbons menu is rated in terms of comfort and refreshment. It offers ten+ cocktails and handmade curated bites which must be devoured! 

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 6 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try – Chocolate Caramel Brownie, Salt Of The Earth, Dutch Hollow Dulcet, Cow, Loukanika, Pork, and Creminelli Fine Meats.

11. The Immigrant

As The Immigrant is a wine and a brew bar, picking which side to sit in is confusing. However, no matter which side you choose to chill at, you will not be disheartened and will be served well. Both the sides are beguiling, calm, and normally not excessively swarmed. This is one of the best cocktail bars East Village

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 5 pm to 1 am 

Must-Try – Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Beck Brut, Gavi Di Gavi, Hummus, Hot Dog +Chips, Cheese And Grapes, Greek Yogurt With Honey, and Guacamole.

12. Sake Bar Decibel

This is probably one of the finest Japanese bars in the village. Strolling on the streets, the “Om Air” sign will catch your eye, and fleeting downstairs, you will find the entrance to a graffiti-covered cave, which is this bar. Its cool teen vibe mostly attracts youth, but beware of not entering this place in large groups, as the tables there flip too quickly.

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 6 pm to 3 am 

Must Try – Lychee Martini, Kikusui, Joto, Shirakawago, Dassai, Shibata Shuzo Yuzu, Decibel Fries, and Salmon Chazuke.

13. Death & Co.

The sixth Street speakeasy is similarly as great as it was at the point at which you went out on the town there four years prior. Reward highlight: the interior is improved and the food is pretty great as well! This is one of the best bars East Village!

Timings – Monda to Sunday – 6 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try – Popcorn, Shishitos, Crispy Fries, Fried Cauliflowers, Cheese Curbs, Whiskey Shaken Citrus Smokey, and Manhattan.

14. Drexler’s

Now and again you simply need a customary bar. Where you can fit a couple of your people, briefly hang, where certain individuals can drink wine, have mixed drinks, and others can have a lager. It seems like a basic thought, yet finding a not very extraordinary bar is not easy. However, Drexler’s is one of them, and it is incredible for work drinks, companion bunch drinks, first date drinks – most standard circumstances. This place’s featured varied bread, dips, picnic baskets, and desserts are loved. On its happy hour timings, the place offers cocktails at $7 and wines at $5!

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 4 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try – War With Mexico, Good Deacon, and After Night.

15. The Wren

The Wren gets insane at end of the week and is a top pick of the white business shirts got into khakis kind of swarms. Yet, remember that this is an extremely decent bar. On weeknights, it is a by and large agreeable and fun spot to drink bourbon. The Wren offers innumerable combinations of mixed drinks, beers, and wine. It serves bites brunch, lunch, and dinner too. So, hang alone or with your family, this place will welcome you!

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 4 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try – Sausage Sandwiches, Chilaquiles, Churro Waffles, Kale & Artichoke Dip, Fried Shrimp, Pork Croquettes alongside dips and fries, and Wren’s Cottage Pie.

16. The Wayland

Road C is loaded up with fun bars appropriate for everything from a pleasant date to being destroyed at 2 am. The Wayland is one of those spots that figure out how to do everything. We like it for a beverage on a weeknight, day drinking on a Saturday, and for 2 am boisterousness too. The space is well organized, and the mixed drinks are superb. There is a margarita with kale juice, and you ought to get it. This bar’s cocktails, beers, and wines are most preferred by its larger enthusiasts, and it also offers varied non-alcoholic beverages!

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 5 pm to 4 am 

Must-Try – Paloma De Chihuahua, Narragansett Lager, Sauvignon Blanc ‘Barking Hedge’ New Zealand, Carignan-Grenach Languedoc- Roussillon, Dibon’ Brut Cava, Raw Brussels, and 9th Street Espresso Roasting Coffee. 

17. Ace Bar

As suggested by the name, Ace Bar is about games: darts, pinball, pool, and skee ball. It is extraordinary for large gatherings, particularly assuming that your people are the sort that is more qualified to toss darts at a divider than carrying on affable conversations. There are a few East Village dive bars, and the Ace Bar is one of the best! The place offers exquisite Cans, Bottles, and varied Drafts and Wines. All its services and lagers are appreciated!

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 3 pm to 4 am 

Must-Try – Brooklyn Defenders, Bud or Bud Light, Can Lagunntas, and Corona (oh god!)

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