10 Best Camden Bars For Cheeky Drinks

Have you ever visited any of the Best Camden Bars? Whether you want to go for a chic cocktail hour with your lover, grunge hangout place with your pals, dance your heart out, or just feel calm to the smooth music, one gets it all in Camden Town. However, to find a pub that fulfills all your needs, well, that could be a task.

Let’s explore the best things you can do or try when in Camden.

Hence, peruse through to explore some of the best pubs in Camden to achieve all your goals! 

Best Camden Bars
Best Camden Bars

Bars In Camden Town

Fifty-five bar in camden
Fifty-five bar in camden

1. Fifty-five

Set more than two levels, Fifty-Five, a laidback bar has been presenting marvelous mixed drinks for over 10 years and has become an essential piece of the texture of Camden. Although, why would you bother? Since that implies they have had bunches of training with regards to making banging cocktails for your evening drink. 

There is a normal schedule of fun occasions including Tipple Tuesday (with £6 mixed drinks) and Hot Wings Wednesdays. Then, at that point, there is Thirsty Thursday which highlights modest cocktails and incredible unrecorded music. Also, a day-by-day happy hour does a very great job of making everybody exceptionally glad in fact.

BYOC bar in camden
BYOC bar in camden

2. Best Camden Bars: BYOC

Always wished to carry your drinks in a pub, but are nervous? Do not sweat, as it is energized at BYOC Camden. No, there is no compelling reason to feel anxious as you whisk that drink past security here. Bringing your jug of uncommon spirits is the thing that will make your evening warble. The idea is basic. You bring a jug of whichever concoction you pick and BYOC will go through two hours making you astonishingly mixed drinks with the said bottle. What could turn out badly? 

The advantage will hinder you from £30, a reasonable cost for one of the talented barkeeps to stir up some astounding mixed drinks (utilizing the bar’s scope of combinations and colors) for you. Ideal for when you have that dazzling bottle yet your mixology abilities do not exactly do it fairly. If you do not want to pirate your liquor, there is a lot to purchase over the bar too. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 5 pm to 12 am.

Must Try – Unique range of cocktails.

Simmons bar in camden
Simmons bar in Camden

3. Simmons

Simmons cocktail bar has unmistakably retro energy, complete with some vintage console games and a blast of neon signs. Then, at that point, there are the additional little eccentricities, similar to a hallucinogenic disco skull. 

Things are made far superior by the liberal schedule of unrecorded music – Wednesdays are normally the greatest night to make up for lost time and coming demonstrations in Camden Town. Their happy hour is likewise genuinely amazing. I would suggest coming around somewhere in the range of 4 pm and 9 pm Sunday to Thursday. On the disadvantage, the administration is moderate, and in some cases, it can feel like the line for the bar takes longer than drinking the beverages do. Yet, hello, you win a few, you lose a few. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 4 pm to 12 am.


Gabeto bar in camden
Gabeto bar in Camden

4. Best Camden Bars: Gabeto

It is stunning to think how London has changed and developed throughout the long term – take Gabeto for example. Once a Victorian stable house, this impressively cool bar now offers tasty food and drink to people as opposed to ponies. Large numbers of the structure’s unique provisions have yet been kept. A 24/7 restaurant and bar that includes an incredible menu, extraordinary tunes, and superior energies. The fantastic craftsmanship – generally from nearby specialists – adds to the general appeal of being one of the best Camden cocktail lounges.

Both the beverage and food menus are Latin-motivated. There is a specific spotlight on delightful mojitos, while the food choices incorporate flavorful platters just as fajitas and tacos.  There will never be a terrible chance to visit Gabeto, however, it is especially fun during the standard occasions including tastings and dances. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 2 am.

Must Try – Daiquiri, Lost in Havana.

Camden Assembly bar in camden
Camden Assembly bar in Camden

5. Camden Assembly

What is superior to a great cocktail? A great drink to go with a splendid burger. First up, the mixed drinks at Camden Assembly are directly on the imprint. Straightforward, simple, and extraordinary cocktails! The rundown is little and elements numerous a most loved work of art – take Tommy’s Margaritas (who was Tommy? We believe he is an absolute saint) and Espresso Martinis as two models. 

Then, at that point, we get to the burgers. I realize this is a piece about cool bars in Camden, yet those burgers are excessively acceptable not to discuss them. Made by Burger and Beyond, they ought to be at the highest point of any burger-sweetheart’s must-attempt list. Goodness, and did I specify the Camden Assembly is likewise one of the space’s coolest unrecorded music spots? All-round greatness.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 2 am.

Best Camden Bars
The Blues Kitchen

6. The Blues Kitchen

Flaunting London’s biggest whiskey assortment (well that is saying something) and a menu roused by the southern fare of New Orleans, the Blues Kitchen is a famous piece of the Camden nightlife. What is more, what could go better with bourbon and southern fare than old-fashioned blues music? Fortunately, the Blues Kitchen rightfully conveys an uncommon schedule of unrecorded music from most UK and US craftsmen. With a particularly exhaustive rundown of whiskeys, narrowing down your decisions can be a test – yet accommodatingly, the menu is separated into sections and the bar staff is brimming with information and talent. Bottoms up. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 3 am.


Jazz Café bar in camden
Jazz Café bar in camden

7. Best Camden Bars: Jazz Café

Regardless of whether you view yourself as a jazz devotee or you have never experienced it, you will be wanted at the Jazz Café. The incredible setting brags extraordinary schedule occasions that highlight a portion of the large names in jazz, just as best-in-class craftsmen. While jazz is absolutely the accentuation, different sorts, for example, soul and reggae likewise show up. There is likewise an incredible food menu highlighting alternatives like rib-eye steak and bean stew crab linguine. Then, at that point, there is the scrumptious beverages list, complete with works of art like ancient fashions and margaritas.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 7 pm to 11 pm.

Ladies And Gentleman bar in camden
Ladies And Gentleman bar in camden

8. Ladies And Gentleman

Terrible decisions make great stories – It is practically similar to the folks at Ladies and Gentlemen Bar who know precisely the activities and assortments to make an incredible night out. The recipe goes a little something like this. Take some splendid mixed drinks, add a scramble of stance and a great deal of gin and presto, and there, you have an extraordinary Camden bar! That is much greater when you think that this specific part of Ladies and Gentlemen just opened as of late. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 5 pm to 2 am.

Must Try – The Hot Girl at the Bar, Cable Car, Bobby Burns.

Camden Town Brewery bar in camden
Camden Town Brewery bar in Camden

9. Camden Town Brewery Bar

Bars need not always be about the wine and spirits – brew gets a look in as well. Particularly when the lager is on par with what it is as the Camden Town Brewery Bar. Situated under two rail route curves, this Camden bar has a particularly abrasive edge that goes consummately with the mark’s strong brews like the Camden Ink and Hells Lager. 

Maybe than concocting their dinners (more space for larger drinking), Camden Town Brewery Bar has moved to a scope of food trucks that set up right outside the bar. The determination is steadily changing and is a consistent surprise. They likewise run a full schedule of occasions including tasting nights and brewery visits. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 11 pm.

Must Try – Fresh Beer

Made In Brasil bar in camden
Made In Brasil bar in camden

10. Made In Brasil

Experience a portion of those Brazilian beats at Made in Brasil, a breathtaking mixed drink bar in Camden. The outside is not the solitary way that this extraordinary Camden lock bar praises Brazilian culture. It seems like each part of this fab bar has been roused here and there. 

There is an extraordinary menu highlighting Latino works of art like Bolinhos de Bacalhau (cod salt fish cakes) and Coxinha (the renowned Brazilian road food) – or attempt everything with a scrumptious tasting platter. The lone backup to a Brazilian banquet is a Caipirinha, ready flawlessly. It would not be a Brazilian bar without some samba beats – so ensure you wear your moving shoes and do not be modest about hitting the dancefloor.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 2 am.

Best Camden Bars: Some Tips To Remember

  • If you have enough penny to waste, then only you may reconsider those crappy places located in Camden, there are a lot!
  • Being an adult, we can not really warn you not to go with the jazz, but we know you’ll have a blast night in the end.

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