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15 Best Oxford Pubs, Inns, And Taverns

15 Best Oxford Pubs, Inns, And Taverns

England has many things to offer, and one of them is the best pubs Oxford has. England has a history of a great many things. People here enjoy their lives by going to pubs and meeting new people. Outside of their everyday work lives, people spend a lot of time in pubs. There are many famous Oxford pubs that you can visit. Many of these pubs have historical backgrounds. Now, let us talk about the best pubs Oxford has to offer in this article. 

1. The Crown

If there were a list of all the famous Oxford pubs, The Crown would be among the top ones. Originally named Salutation Tavern, it was owned by John Davenant, the would-be mayor of Oxford. The Crown is situated on the main road between Oxfordshire and the railway station. It also has interesting historical importance. William Shakespeare used to stop by this pub for a few drinks with his play crew on his way to Avon from London. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 11 pm.

Must Try – Fish pie, Skin on fries.

2. The Rickety Press

The Rickety Press is owned by Arkells Brewery. The crafted beer attracts many people. It also has a collection of local beer brewers. The wine selection is one of the best in town. This is a nice place to hang out with your friends and grab a bite. The cheeseburgers and fries here are to die for. The Rickety Press serves breakfast and pizza. 

Timing- 12 pm to 11 pm.

Must Try – The dodo, L’ala falco, BBQ wings.

3. The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is certainly one of the best pubs in Oxford. This place focuses on Italian cuisine. If you are a beer and pizza person then The White Rabbit is the best place for you. The beer available at this place is made by local beer brewers. There are plenty of options to choose from. They also sell gluten-free pale ale which is made in Oxfordshire itself. The Playhouse Theater is just behind The White Rabbit. You can stop by on your way to the Playhouse Theater to grab a bite and have a taste of their beer. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 12 am.

Must Try – The Mad Hatter, Fungo Puro.

4. The Duke of Cambridge

Another of the best pubs Oxford has is The Duke of Cambridge. This pub has an extensive list of cocktails and ales on its menu. One can enjoy his drinks after dinner. The chandelier and wooden floor give it a soothing ambiance. You can come to The Duke of Cambridge and meet new people. It is one of the best places to interact with people.

Timing- Tuesday to Saturday – 4 pm to 12 am.

5. Bear Inn

One of the best pubs in Oxford to visit is Bear Inn. It is said that Bear Inn is the oldest pub in Oxfordshire. It is over 778 years old. Bear Inn has a famous cocktail list that many people come to enjoy. Try out the famous London Pride and Horndean Special Bitter ale in winter. Apart from its drinks, it is famous for its collection of more than 4500 ties decorated on its walls and ceilings. In the 1950s Alan Course started this tradition of donating ties by asking a guest for his school membership tie. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 3 pm to 11 pm.

Must Try- Chef’s signature menu.

6. The Jam Factory

The Jam Factory has a bar, restaurant, and art gallery. It has 20th-century brick architecture. This place offers space to artists to exhibit local cultural art through workshops, art, and other means. The Jam Factory has a great liquor menu that you can choose from while enjoying the art gallery. You can also dine here. This place offers some amazing,, mouth-watering dishes.

Timing- Wednesday to Saturday – 10 am to 10 pm.

Must Try- Granola, Warm Porridge, Bagels.

7. Royal Blenheim

Royal Blenheim is one of the best pubs Oxford has to offer to any of its guests. There are many places to visit around Royal Blenheim. The surrounding of Royal Blenheim is dominated by medieval culture. Royal Blenheim is popular for its drinks. One of the pubs Oxford has to offer is Royal Blenheim. This place is named one of the top four cask ale pubs in Oxfordshire. 

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 11 pm.

Must Try – Iceberg, Anytime IPA, First Class.

8. The Old Bookbinders Ale House

One of the Best pubs Oxford can offer to their tourists is The Old Bookbinders Ale House. It is a family-run business and the owners of this place pride themselves on having quality over quantity. Here you will get the traditional British beer which is a must-try if you ever visit the UK. The owners of The Old Bookbinders Ale House hosts an open mic every night for the locals, tourists, and students to participate. You should visit this place at least once if you still have not. 

Timing- Tuesday to Sunday – 12 pm to 11 pm.

Must Try- Escargot.

9. Angels Cocktail Bar 

Yet another best pubs Oxford has as a hidden gem in its city is Angels Cocktail Bar. This place is unique compared to the other bars and pubs in Oxfordshire. Angels Cocktail Bar has two bars. One is through the main entrance and the other one is in the basement. There are sitting arrangements in the basement for dining and drinking. The ambiance of Angels Cocktail Bar is unlike any other bar you have visited. The Vintage Wallpaper and the dim lighting make it nice and cozy.

Timing- Thursday to Sunday – 4.30 pm to 1 am.

Must Try- Real rio, Silver bullet, Penicillin.

10. The Jericho Tavern

The Jericho Tavern is a contemporary pub, and it has a rich history of music. This pub hosts music sessions and allows local bands to play. The Radiohead and the Supergrass music genre was pretty famous in this pub and later on got more recognition. This pub has friendly and lively guests and one can enjoy a few drinks chatting with them. The Jericho Tavern is a good option to spend time in its spacious beer garden. The local beer brewers offer different flavored beers depending on the season.

Timing- Monday to Sunday- 12 pm to 11 pm.

Must Try- Ruby Jean’s Burgers, Chicken society.

11. The Eagle and Child

The Eagle and Child is a must-visit if you are a fan of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Narnia”. The Eagle and Child, established in 1650, is one of the famous Oxford pubs mostly because of its association with ” The Inklings”. This literary discussion group”The Inklings” had J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as its members. It offers great cocktails and food. If you ever visit The Eagle and Child we would recommend trying their traditional English pie and some famous Nicholson’s ale.

12. The Rusty Bicycle

The Rusty Bicycle is getting familiar among tourists. This is a nice place to have a meal and beer. The juicy cheeseburger, chips and pizza is a must-try at this place. The interior of The Rusty Bicycle is very cozy and intimate. The vintage posters add to its ambience.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 12 pm to 11.30 pm.

Must Try – Slaw, Buffalo wings.

13. Turf Tavern

The hardest to find pubs Oxford has is Turf Tavern. If you are new to Oxfordshire it is highly unlikely that you will ever find this place. It is, by all means, a true hidden treasure. Initially founded as a student’s lodge, it was transformed into a pub in the 12th century. Turf Tavern has a nice beer garden where one can enjoy his drink at peace with nature. Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton used to secretly meet at this pub for dates. While shooting for the first Harry Potter film Emma Watson used to visit this place almost regularly with the film crew members.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 11 pm.

Must Try- Petit chablis, Sancerre.

14. Country Pubs

If you are more of a country person then check out these pubs located outside of Oxford. The therapeutic walk in the countryside will cheer your mood up. Check out these two country pubs located in the north of Jericho.

15. The Perch

The Perch is within 10 minutes of walking distance from Jericho. The walk along the countryside road is what makes it more thrilling. This pub has a seating arrangement outside and has an open fire that gives you an amazing experience of the country. The old buildings and architecture add to its beauty. There is an 800 years old building standing beside The Perch. This pub is located near a river.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 10 pm.

Must Try – Butchers Plate, Goats Cheese & Caraway Roasted Beetroot, Set Lemon Cream.

16. The Trout

The Trout is another famous country pub. You need to walk a long way to reach The Trout. This pub has a large waterside beer patio. Peacocks visit this place, which makes it a surreal sight to behold. You will get a unique experience in this place than the rest of the Oxford pubs.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 11 pm.

Must Try- Roast Beef, 70z fillet steak.


The bottom line is that Oxford has many famous pubs but these are like a hidden gem. You have to find these pubs with the help of a local tourist guide if you are new to Oxford. The British sure love their ale and beer. These pubs serve beer to their guests from the local breweries, which has a unique taste. If you are a beer person and are open to new opportunities, then these pubs are the best option to choose from. Many pubs have beer gardens. Shipping ale in the summer in the beer garden adds to the experience. 

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