How Many Shots Are In A 375-ml Bottle?

The standard shot volume can vary from country to country. In the United States, a typical shot glass holds 1.5 ounces, which is roughly 44 milliliters. Given that, a 375-milliliter bottle would contain approximately 8.5 shots. However, it’s always important to remember that these measurements can vary depending on the specific size of the shot glass or the standard measurement used in a particular country or region. This site is popular for liquors like whiskey, rum, vodka, and tequila, providing a convenient, smaller option for consumers.

Number of shots in a 375-ml bottle (8 shots)

Defining a ‘Shot’

A “shot” typically refers to a small amount of liquor poured for immediate consumption or used as an ingredient in mixed drinks. The size of a shot varies considerably across the world:

  • US: A standard shot is generally 1.5oz (approximately 44.36ml).
  • UK: Shots are typically 25ml or 35ml, depending on local regulations and bar preferences.

How Shots Translate to the 375-ml Bottle

How Many Shots Are In A 375ml Bottle

Let’s calculate how many shots are in a 375-ml bottle based on various shot sizes:

  • For 1oz (30-ml) shots: 375-ml ÷ 30-ml = 12.5 shots.
  • For 1.5oz (45-ml) shots: 375-ml ÷ 45-ml = 8.33 shots.
  • For 25-ml shots: 375-ml ÷ 25-ml = 15 shots.
  • For 35-ml shots: 375-ml ÷ 35-ml = 10.71 shots.

Table: Shots per 375-ml bottle

Shot SizeNumber of Shots in 375-ml Bottle
1oz (30ml)12.5 shots
1.5oz (45ml)8.33 shots
25ml15 shots
35ml10.71 shots

Importance of Accurate Measurements in Bartending

How Many Shots Are In A 375ml Bottle

Accurate measurements ensure:

  • Consistency in drink quality: Uniform measurements mean every cocktail tastes the same, regardless of when or where it’s served.
  • Customer satisfaction and expectations: Customers anticipate a certain taste and alcohol content in their drinks.
  • Cost-efficiency for the bar or establishment: Over-pouring can lead to significant losses over time.

Tips & Tricks for Consistent Pouring

  • Using jiggers or measuring tools: These tools allow for precise measurements, ensuring consistency.
  • Recognizing the “count” while free pouring: A “count” typically refers to the time it takes to pour a shot. With practice, bartenders can pour accurately without measuring tools.
  • Regular practice and training for bartenders: Like any skill, consistency in pouring comes with practice.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1. How does the type of liquor affect the shot count?

Ans: The shot count is based on volume, not the type of liquor. However, certain liquors, especially premium ones, might be poured more conservatively due to their cost. Conversely, liquors with a higher alcohol content might be poured more generously to achieve the desired effect in mixed drinks. It’s always essential to know the alcohol content and the cost of the liquor when determining the amount to pour.

Q2. How many shots are in 375ml of whiskey?

Ans: A standard shot is 44 milliliters. Therefore, a 375-ml bottle of whiskey contains approximately 8.5 shots, rounding down to the nearest whole shot for practical purposes.


Understanding the number of shots in a 375-ml bottle can greatly assist in planning events or just monitoring personal consumption. With 8 shots per bottle, it offers a convenient way to enjoy various drinks without overindulging. So, the next time you pick up a 375-ml bottle, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

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