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10 Best Jakarta Nightclubs To Visit During Your Stay In Indonesia

Jakarta Nightclub

Jakarta Nightclub

If you are someone who loves to party and enjoys meeting new people, then Jakarta Nightclub is the best place for you. Indonesia is a developing country and is continuously enhancing its clubs in Jakarta to provide a good time for its party-going crowd.

The city of Jakarta comes alive on weekend nights. The Jakarta nightclub is the perfect place where you can have a great time dancing, partying, and meeting new faces. The music and ambiance of some of these Jakarta clubs are something to crave if you are new in the city and do not know how to spend your night. Few of these nightclubs have the best bars in Jakarta

If you ever plan to booze in a Jakarta nightclub, you will notice that the tax on alcohol is very high. Once you have had a few glasses of cocktails, it will show on your bill. You should come prepared to pay up to IDR 100,000–IDR 300,000 to enter into some of the best clubs in Jakarta.

The cost of one drink can vary between IDR 100,000 – and IDR 200,000 in the best bar in Jakarta while clubbing. Some of the best Jakarta nightclubs are listed below. You can choose from these to pay a visit and can expect to have a worthwhile time.

1. X2 Nightclub

One of the most luxurious clubs in Jakarta is the X2 nightclub, located in the Plaza Senayan. This club also offers the best bar in Jakarta. International and local DJs play in the X2 club. The music is very good here and the sound quality is extremely good, which adds to the overall experience of clubbing. This club is extended over 2 floors and has 4 clubs to choose from. Daily performances and live music sessions are the norms here to give the best experience to its guests.

Timing- Tuesday to Saturday – 10 pm to 4.30 am.

2. Immigrant Lounge & Club

A first visit to the Immigrant Lounge & Club would surely impress anyone with its large area and ambiance. Immigrant Lounge & Club can host 700 guests and with its exquisite food and catering services, this club makes it to the list of one of the best Jakarta nightclubs. The Immigrant Lounge & Club is located on the 6th floor of Plaza Indonesia. The location is perfect for attracting high-end guests. You can talk to the DJ to play any specific music you like and they are more than happy to comply with your needs. The bar is one of the best in Jakarta.

Timing- Wednesday to Saturday – 11 am to 12 am

3. Colosseum Club

Located in West Jakarta, Colosseum Club will be the best place for you to go clubbing if you are a fan of EDM and heavy bass. The capacity to hold up to 2,000 guests of this club makes it one of the popular Jakarta nightclubs. The 16 meters high ceiling of this club adds to the great balcony view. The lighting and sound system of Colosseum Club is magnificent. You can not resist going on to the expensive dance floor and throwing some moves. This is among the prominent Jakarta clubs.

Timing- Sunday to Saturday – 9.30 pm to 4 am

4. Dragonfly Club

A classy Jakarta club that attracts many celebrity personalities. The luxurious backlit wall and high ceilings add to its overall ambience. The lighting is so elegant and the sound system conveys a good vibe. The DJ at Dragonfly Club plays EDM, electro beats or depending on the house demand. Many famous singers and DJs have played here such as Marshmello,  David Guetta, and Grant Nelson. Dragonfly Club has a dress code that strictly needs to be followed to get an entry.

Timing- Wednesday to Saturday – 9 pm to 5 am

5. Jakarta Nightclub: Blowfish

Another most popular Jakarta nightclub, Blowfish is famous among the younger crowd. The RnB and EDM music is the life of the dance floor where many young people come to show their dance talent and engage with new people. The dance floor became cooler with a high tech laser light system. The food here is also mouth watering. Their Japanese Sushi variety has recently been labelled as Asia’s best. Don’t forget to try for yourself. 

Timing- Wednesday to Saturday – 10 pm to 4 am

Must Try- Special drinks

6. Jakarta Nightclub: Empirica

At the heart of the city is situated Empirica. In the daytime, this place is used as a business space for launch parties, holding meetings etc. At night the whole place transforms into a nightclub. This place attracts the classy Indonesians mostly and is well established for its bar. Empirica has Asia’s longest bar that is 38 meters long. This club can host 700 guests. The bar has extensive space even if you can not get any space on the dance floor. The white coloured sofas reflect the gorgeous lighting at night. The sound system is remarkable. Empirica has a 3D projection mapping that adds to the overall interior.

Timing- Wednesday to Saturday – 9 pm to 3 am

Must Try – Finger Food

7. Exodus

This nightclub is divided into 3 sections offering club, dining area, and lounge. The club area is a good place with a chic interior and lighting. The dance floor there is generally packed with young people. The second section is a dining area that also has a sound system to keep the vibe alive while you dine. Here you will get western cuisines. The lounge area offers Asian cuisines with some alcoholic drinks. This place is a must to visit for its decorative interior and great sound system.

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 11 pm to 4 am

Must try- Cocktails

8. Jakarta Nightclub: Jenja

One of their famous activities of Jenja is ladies’ night parties on Wednesday. This event attracts people especially women on Wednesday nights. The dark and elegant interior gives the place a unique European-like texture and adds to the ambiance. The sound system of this club is famous among the young crowd. Apart from EDM, this place has collected a name for its special music.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 11 pm

9. Domain

One name that comes to mind instantly while thinking about Jakarta nightclub is Domain club. It has a classy ambiance and interior that attracts people of all ages. The music quality and music system are mind-blowing here. Many famous international DJs have come to play music here such as Dipha Barus, Mahesa Utara, DJ Yasmin, Princess Joana, Stan, Steve Aoki, Domain juga pernah mendatangkan DJ International, seperti RAC, Moon Boots, DJ Downey, DJ Crip, dan MC Liquid Silva. Kalau kalian and many more.

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 10 am to 3 am

10. Jakarta Nightclub: Léon

Restaurant cum club Léon is a luxurious club with a dining area. This club is famous for its cocktails and sound system. The lighting at night adds a special edge to the overall ambiance of the place. The dance floor is never empty of its great music collection played by the DJ here. You can enjoy others dancing while eating at the restaurant. The vibe is great here.

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 5 pm to 2 am


If you plan to visit Indonesia anytime soon, you must pay a visit to at least one of the above-mentioned Jakarta nightclubs. You can mix, mingle, party, drink, and have the best time in your life in these clubs. These are the best of what Jakarta has to offer to the party-loving crowd. Even if you aren’t very fond of the ‘booze all night long concept, you must visit one of these clubs just for the experience!

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