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Mario Party Drinking Game : Rules And Gameplay

Mario Party Drinking Game : Rules And Gameplay

We all love to chill and play games with our friends. It is a cherry on top if it is a drinking game. So what better way to do this than with the classic Mario video games? We have all played Mario at one point or another in our lives, especially as kids.

But here, we will be adding a twist to this game,i.e.,. we will be playing the adult version of this game with alcohol. If you are an adult, you can safely play the Mario Party drinking game. It will be lots of fun and will have you all drunk in no time. 

What Is The Mario Party Drinking Game?

Mario Party video games have many board games as well as mini-games. We can turn the game into a drinking game with alcohol by having rules that tell the members of the group when to take a drink while playing the video game.

NOTE: it goes without saying that everyone needs to be responsible while playing the games. know your drinking limit and do not take part in drinking and driving after you are done playing the games. 

What You’ll Need To Play


In order to play this game, you only need a few key things listed below

Mario Party video game
Alcohol of choice (preferably beer)
A group of friends (2 or more people can play this game)

Set Up For Mario Party Drinking Game

 In order to set up this game, here are a few things you need to keep in mind

Prepare a set of rules before starting the game which determine when any or all members of the group need to take a drink. For example, when a member lands on the red brick in the game, they have to take a drink.
Start up the video game ‘Mario Party’ and select a ‘normal’ game.
Keep your alcohol of choice handy. You can add shot glasses and keep them near all the members so that they can easily take a drink while playing.
Decide on the number of turns to play.

Once you have set up, you will be ready to play the game and have a fun night ahead of you. 

How To Play

Here is how to play this game and ensure that you have a great time

First, decide on the positions of each of the members and the sequence in which you will start the game. Each member has to take as many numbers of shots as their starting position.

The winners of the game will be announced at the end of the game. According to the video game, whoever ends up having the most number of coins or stars is the winner. After the game finishes, each member has to take a shot according to the position they end up in.

Rules And Game Play

Playing this game can be a lot of fun, especially with your friends. The rules for the drinking Mario game are also very simple and easy to follow by everyone. 

  1. The rules of the game state that the players have to collect coins or stars. Whoever collects the most number of coins wins.
  2. Roll the dice for every player. The player has to take the same number of drinks as the number rolled on the dice.
  3.  Every time a player gets a star, they have to take a shot.
  4. Take a shot for every star that you lose to another player.
  5. If anyone doesn’t win the mini games, they have to take a shot.
  6. Once you reach 100 coins, you have to take a drink.
  7. Take a drink in the beginning of a mini game.
  8.  In the mini games, whoever loses has to take a drink.
  9. If someone checks a map, they have to take a shot.
  10. Whoever loses a star takes a drink
  11. If someone gets a star, everyone else has to take a shot.
  12. Take a drink when you land on a bank space and get money, or you land on a green space. Finish it if you land on Bowser or Bad Luck space.
  13. Take a shot when you reach a star and are not able to afford it.

While playing this game, you can always get creative and make your own sets of rules. Make a list beforehand for when each member of the group has to take a shot or finish their drink. The winner is decided by the game itself and announced at the end of the game.

Also, know your drinking limits before you start this game and make the rules accordingly. Instead of finishing a shot, you can also take a sip of your drink. This is a sure way of having a fun and chill night with your friends while getting drunk and playing video games. 


Mario party games collection is an excellent collection of boards and mini games with lots of new as well as classic games. The graphics of the game are extremely cute and the boards are interesting. The game has been found to be challenging and competitive and comes highly recommended by reviewers and other gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Mario Party Superstars fun for adults?

Ans- Mario Party Superstars is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. Whether you have played it before or are playing it for the first time, this game will definitely be a lot of fun.
If you have played Mario games before, especially as a child, you will find that it brings back lots of nostalgic memories. It will make this game even more special for you.

Q2. How do you play drunk Mario? 

Ans- You can add a twist with drinks to any of the Mario games. For example, you can play drunk Mario Kart or drunk Mario Party. In a drunk Mario Kart game, you can make rules such as no one is allowed to drink and drive.
It is only when your cart isn’t moving that you can take a drink. In Drunken Mario Party, you can assign rules before starting the game such as take a drink when you get a star, or win a mini game or lose a coin.

Q3. Is Mario Party Superstars a full game?

Ans- Mario Party Superstars is a different game from Super Mario Party. It came out in October, 2021 as a patty video game. It was developed by NDcube and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.
It has remakes of mini games as well as boards from the classic Mario Party video games along with other enhanced features. It has around a hundred mini games from the previous games as well as five board games from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games.

Q4. How many maps are there in Mario Party Superstar?

Ans- There are five board maps in the Mario Party Superstar video game. These maps provide information regarding star locations, tips etc. 

Q5. How can I unlock all the maps in Mario Party?

Ans- In order to unlock all the maps in Mario Party, you will have to play Mario Party, Partner Party, Sound Stage, and River Survival. This might take some time and more than a few turns to unlock each game and open the Challenge Road.

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