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Robert Burns Cocktail Recipe Guide: Sip & Celebrate

Robert Burns Cocktail Recipe

The Bobby Burns cocktail, named after the legendary Scottish poet Robert Burns, is a classic drink that has stood the test of time. This guide delves deep into its history, ingredients, and cultural significance, offering readers a comprehensive look at this iconic cocktail.

The Classic Robert Burns Cocktail Recipe

To make the perfect Bobby Burns, you’ll need:

Key Ingredients and Their Role

Blended Scotch whisky:

Sweet vermouth:

orange bitters:

orange bitters, such as Triple Sec or Cointreau, add a touch of citrusy brightness and sweetness to the cocktail. It complements the other ingredients and adds a layer of complexity to the flavor profile. While it’s a small amount in the recipe, it plays a significant role in enhancing the overall taste.

How To Make Robert Burns Cocktail Recipe

Chill the Glass

Place your cocktail glass in the freezer or fill it with ice water to chill.

Mix Ingredients 

In a mixing glass filled with ice, combine the Scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, orange bitters, and absinthe (if using).


Stir the mixture well until it’s chilled. This usually takes about 30 seconds.


Empty the ice from your cocktail glass (if you used ice water to chill it). Strain the mixture from the mixing glass into the chilled cocktail glass.


Twist a lemon peel over the drink to release its oils, then drop it into the glass. Alternatively, you can garnish it with a cherry.

Serve And Enjoy

Serve immediately and enjoy the rich and aromatic flavors of the Robert Burns cocktail!

Pairing Suggestions

Other Food Pairings:

Ambiance Pairings:

The Robert Burns Cocktail vs. Other Scotch Cocktails

While the Bobby Burns shares similarities with cocktails like the Rusty Nail and Rob Roy, its unique ingredient combination sets it apart. The addition of Benedictine, in particular, gives it a distinct flavor profile that’s refreshing and sophisticated.

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