What Alcohol Goes In Eggnog: Top 5 Tips

A glass of cold eggnog is a favorite Christmas beverage because it has just the perfect amount of booze and sweetness. You may experiment with other types of alcohol, but what alcohol goes in eggnog? Eggnog with a velvety consistency that matches nicely with brandy, whiskey, or rum, but you can also give it to the entire family without adding any alcohol—the creamy smoothness of eggnog pairs well with aged spirits that have a spicy-sweet taste.

To prevent scrambling the eggs, gently boil the mixture and stir often. As a beverage or dessert, spiked eggnog may also be served as an adult dessert or a drink to accompany sweet sweets. Enjoy this decadent eggnog recipe with a few simple ingredients for the whole holiday season. It may be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated overnight; beat up some cream and mix it in before serving. Let’s find out the best alcohol for eggnog with the best tips!

1. Choose The Booze

what alcohol goes in eggnog
Choose The Booze

According to the experts, brandy, rum, and bourbon are the three most popular alcoholic eggnog additions. But, what alcohol is best for eggnog? There is no particular one. It is entirely up to the individual’s preferences. But there are certain things to keep in mind when you go to the liquor shop to stock up for the season. To make your ‘nog more traditional, use Cognac, the best brandy for eggnog.

However, remember that brandy and eggnog are both quite sugary drinks, so be careful. When you combine the two, you’ll get something that sweet-toothed people will like, but others will find cloying. Take things slow and easy. However, what kind of rum for eggnog? The taste of rum melds well with the egg-based mixture, keeping the wholesome essence of the festive season.

If you’re looking for something solid and flavorful, the bourbon cocktail is an excellent choice for you. Those from the southern United States are probably familiar with the tasty ingredient. Still, those who aren’t expecting the powerful kick may find themselves a little taken aback by the unexpected kick.

2. Nogging & Spice

Eggnog can be categorized into two categories: cooked and uncooked. Uncooked nogs are raw, beaten eggs mixed with wine and spices. In the morning, it’s a Rocky-style rendition of the protein hypothesis. Most individuals prefer the taste and texture of cooked eggnogs, which significantly have more flavor and substance. Cooked eggnog has a thick consistency akin to cookie dough or cake batter.

Add your spices while the eggnog is still warm so that they blend in well. It is essential to incorporate the spices at this point since the hot mixture will partially cook the spices, which will improve the overall flavor. You should also go for freshly ground coffee whenever possible. The absence of ground nutmeg will be noticed by those who haven’t had the opportunity to taste it freshly grated.

Nogging & Spice

3. Eggs & Eggnog

Non-alcoholic Egg Cream is made without the use of eggs, but Eggnog is made with them. But, what liquor goes in eggnog? There is a range of beverages that contain raw eggs these days, and you shouldn’t have any concerns about consuming them. However, eggs have a protective layer that keeps germs out. Diseases such as salmonella are more commonly caused by over-washing and bad conditions in factory farms than any other factor. Just make sure that the eggs you use are of excellent quality and that they were obtained from a trustworthy provider before you begin.

4. Twist It Properly

While sticking to the classics is a safe bet, injecting your personality into the mix may be both enjoyable and unexpected. Like any excellent mixed drink, Eggnog is a blend of diverse components that can be modified and changed to produce a familiar but genuinely unique final product. The egg yolk provides lipids and proteins; sugar aids in binding proteins and thickening the mixture.

Additionally, cream and milk add extra fats as well as texture and depth to the dish. But, what alcohol to mix with eggnog?  The alcohol adds body, flavor, and character to the dish, and the spices infuse the dish with life and passion. The proportions of any of these components can be altered to create a particular finished product while preserving the fundamental qualities of an Eggnog beverage.

what alcohol goes in eggnog
Twist It Properly

5. Age It Carefully

In the first place, aging your Eggnog will give it a more prosperous, well-rounded flavor, decreasing the intensity of the other booze in the process. If you are concerned about the possibility of contamination, matured eggnog is the finest choice. Adding alcohol to raw eggs has been demonstrated to have germ-killing effects. 

However, doing so does not immediately eliminate any germs that may have already been there – this occurs over time when the bacterium is killed. Eggnog should be aged in the refrigerator at a lower temperature for three weeks before serving, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is all about how to spike eggnog!

The Bottom Line

When you’re ready to serve, whisk the leftover egg whites in a medium-sized mixing basin until firm peaks form, either by hand or with an electric mixer. Gently fold in half the egg whites. Gently fold in the remaining half until it is nearly completely absorbed. Garnish according to the version you’ve selected.

Well, after knowing what alcohol goes in eggnog,  now your gorgeous bowl of eggnog will be perfect there, along with the shrimp cocktail and the elegant cheese ball at your family’s Christmas gathering, so bring it along! A glass is in each of your hands, and you’re receiving a ton of praises!

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