Top 12 Ybor City Bars In Tampa, Florida

Ybor City, a vibrant neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, offers a nightlife experience that stands in stark contrast to the more mainstream vibes of downtown Tampa or St. Pete. The streets of Ybor City echo with an eclectic and historical ambiance, reminiscent of the lively streets of New Orleans, making it a prime destination for those seeking a unique night out. For those who have experienced the Los Angeles Nightclubs, Ybor City offers a different yet equally thrilling experience.

Must-Visit Ybor City Bars

1. Southern Belle

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As Ybor’s exclusive country bar, Southern Belle promises an authentic country experience. With a mechanical bull that challenges patrons, live music that sets the mood, and line dancing classes that teach you the moves, it’s a place that guarantees a memorable time. If you’ve ever been to a Williamsburg Rooftop Bar, you’ll appreciate the open-air vibe that some spots in Ybor City offer.

  • Address: 1625 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday- 4 PM–12 AM
  • Wednesday- 4 PM–12 AM
  • Thursday- 4 PM–12 AM
  • Friday- 4 PM–2 AM
  • Saturday- 2 PM–2 AM
  • Sunday- 12–11 PM
  • Must Try: Mechanical Bull, live music on weekends, and brunch.
  • Contact: (727) 564-7554

Expert Tip: “For a true Southern Belle experience, make sure to visit on a weekend. The live music combined with the mechanical bull ride is an unbeatable combo. Don’t forget to wear your cowboy boots!”

2. Club Prana

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This 5-level party venue is the epitome of diversity. Each level offers a distinct experience, from the relaxed ambiance of the lounges to the pulsating energy of the nightclubs. It’s a place where every night feels different, much like the Best Strip Clubs In Vegas where every visit offers a new experience.

  • Address: 1619 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- 9 PM–3 AM
  • Tuesday- 9 PM–3 AM
  • Wednesday- 12–4 PM
  • Thursday- 10 PM–3 AM
  • Friday- 9 PM–3 AM
  • Saturday- 9 PM–3 AM
  • Sunday- 9 PM–3 AM
  • Must Try: Skybar with rooftop views of the city.
  • Contact: (813) 241-4139

Expert Tip: “The rooftop at Club Prana offers the best views. If you’re looking for a quieter spot amidst the party, head there and enjoy the city lights.”

3. Tangra

ybor city bars

Tangra stands out as one of Ybor City’s premier dance clubs. With music ranging from EDM to Latin, it caters to a diverse crowd, ensuring that the dance floor is always alive and kicking.

  • Address: 1611 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday- Closed
  • Wednesday- Closed
  • Thursday- 9 PM–3 AM
  • Friday- 10 PM–3 AM
  • Saturday- 9 PM–3 AM
  • Sunday- 10 PM–2 AM
  • Must Try: EDM, Latin music, and Top 40
  • Contact: (813) 344-4489

Expert Tip: “Tangra is known for its diverse music. If you’re a fan of Latin beats, visit on a salsa night. For EDM lovers, check their event calendar for special DJ nights.”

4. Coyote Ugly

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This bar, famous for its bartop dancing, offers an experience that’s both entertaining and interactive. The female bartenders not only serve drinks but also set the stage on fire with their moves. And for those daring enough, the body shots are a must-try.

  • Address: AGUILAR BUILDING, 1722 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- 5 PM–3 AM
  • Tuesday- 5 PM–3 AM
  • Wednesday- 5 PM–3 AM
  • Thursday- 5 PM–3 AM
  • Friday- 5 PM–3 AM
  • Saturday- 1 PM–3 AM
  • Sunday- 1 PM–3 AM
  • Must Try: Bartop dancing and body shots.
  • Contact: (813) 241-8459

Expert Tip: “If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t stop the bartop dancing. It’s a signature Coyote Ugly experience!”

5. Bad Monkey

ybor city bars

This military-themed bar offers more than just drinks. The unique ambiance, accentuated by a crashing P-40 Warhawk, ensures that every visit is an adventure in itself.

  • Address: 1717 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- 3 PM–3 AM
  • Tuesday- 3 PM–3 AM
  • Wednesday- 3 PM–3 AM
  • Thursday- 3 PM–3 AM
  • Friday- 3 PM–3 AM
  • Saturday- 12 PM–3 AM
  • Sunday- 12 PM–3 AM
  • Must Try: P-40 Warhawk crashing through the wall.
  • Contact: (813) 280-9971

Expert Tip: “The P-40 Warhawk is a sight to behold. Grab a seat near it for the perfect Instagrammable moment.”

6. The Ritz

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A haven for EDM lovers, The Ritz is renowned for hosting top EDM artists and events. It’s the place to be if electronic music is what gets your feet moving.

  • Address: 1503 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday- 10 PM–2:30 AM
  • Wednesday- Closed
  • Thursday- 7–11 PM
  • Friday- 10 PM–2:30 AM
  • Saturday- 10 PM–2:30 AM
  • Sunday- Closed
  • Must Try: EDM events and artists.
  • Contact: (813) 248-4050

Expert Tip: “EDM enthusiasts should keep an eye out for their special events. The Ritz often hosts renowned DJs, making it a hotspot for electronic music lovers.”

7. Copper Shaker

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For those who appreciate the art of mixology, Copper Shaker offers a diverse drink menu that showcases the best in craft cocktails.

  • Address: 1502 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday- Closed
  • Wednesday- 4 PM–1 AM
  • Thursday- 4 PM–1 AM
  • Friday- 3 PM–2 AM
  • Saturday- 3 PM–2 AM
  • Sunday- 3 PM–1 AM
  • Must Try: Espresso-infused cocktail named The Grind and rye whiskey cocktail named Smokestack.
  • Contact: (813) 344-4012

Expert Tip: “The Espresso-infused cocktail named ‘The Grind’ is a must-try. It’s the perfect blend of energy and relaxation.”

8. First Chance, Last Chance Bar

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This dive bar, with its open courtyard, offers a relaxed setting perfect for those looking to unwind. The unique drink specials are a bonus.

  • Address: 1707 N 16th St, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- 6 PM–2 AM
  • Tuesday- 6 PM–2 AM
  • Wednesday- 6 PM–2 AM
  • Thursday- 6 PM–2 AM
  • Friday- 4 PM–2 AM
  • Saturday- 4 PM–2 AM
  • Sunday- 4 PM–2 AM
  • Must Try: Open courtyard and outdoor bar.
  • Contact: (813) 816-1707

Expert Tip: “The open courtyard is the best spot during the cooler months. Enjoy your drink under the stars.”

9. The Castle

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A multilevel dance club, The Castle is inclusive in its approach, welcoming patrons irrespective of their dress style. Each floor offers a unique vibe, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

  • Address: 2004 N 16th St, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday- Closed
  • Wednesday- Closed
  • Thursday- Closed
  • Friday- 10:30 PM–3 AM
  • Saturday- 10:30 PM–3 AM
  • Sunday- Closed
  • Must Try: Multilevel dance floors with different vibes.
  • Contact: (813) 247-7547

Expert Tip: “The Castle welcomes all dress styles, but themed nights are a blast. Check their schedule and dress accordingly for a fun experience.”

10. SpookEasy Lounge

ybor city bars

This kava bar, with its spooky theme, offers an experience that’s both unique and intriguing. It’s a place where every sip comes with a side of mystery.

  • Address: 1909 N 15th St, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- 11 AM–1 AM
  • Tuesday- 11 AM–1 AM
  • Wednesday- 11 AM–1 AM
  • Thursday- 11 AM–1 AM
  • Friday- 11 AM–3 AM
  • Saturday- 11 AM–3 AM
  • Sunday-11 AM–1 AM
  • Must Try: Kava, tea, kombucha, and necrocider.
  • Contact: (813) 373-6452

Expert Tip: “If you’re new to kava, ask the bartender for recommendations. The ‘necro cider’ is a unique blend that’s worth a try.”

11. Crowbar

ybor city bars

Known for its edgy vibe, Crowbar is a favorite among those who appreciate live music and DJ sets. It’s a place where the music takes center stage.

  • Address: 1812 N 17th St, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Must Try: Live music and DJ sets.
  • Contact: (813) 241-8600

Expert Tip: “Live music nights are the best at Crowbar. Check their lineup and visit when your favorite band is playing.”

12. Showbar

ybor city bars

The showbar, with its lively atmosphere, promises a night of fun and entertainment. The dueling pianos are a major attraction, ensuring that the music never stops.

  • Address: 1613 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
  • Timing:
  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday- 7 PM–2 AM
  • Wednesday- 9 PM–2:30 AM
  • Thursday- 9 PM–2:30 AM
  • Friday- 6 PM–2:30 AM
  • Saturday- 5 PM–2:30 AM
  • Sunday- 4–9 PM
  • Must Try: Dueling pianos.
  • Contact: (813) 443-8581

Expert Tip: “The dueling pianos are a major attraction. Make sure to request your favorite song and sing along!”


Ybor City’s nightlife is a blend of history, culture, and modern entertainment. Each bar offers a unique experience, ensuring something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, enjoy a quiet drink, or soak in the ambiance, Ybor City promises a night you won’t forget.